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Muslim Explores Arabic Workbook Level 2 Package


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In this level children will:

  • Recognize & learn all Arabic alphabet shapes in different formats
  • Learn selected important words. Learn how to spell and write them
  • Learn vocabulary from surrounded culture & from the Quran
  • Learn how to write 3-5 letter words

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Learn Arabic, to live and understand the Quran. Welcome to the Muslim Explorers level 2 workbooks package. This book is designed for non native Arabic speaking children, to connect them to the language of the Quran, Arabic.
In this level they will learn:
  1. Recognize and learn to write all Arabic alphabets in different formats.
  2. learn selected important Arabic sight words.
  3. learn vocabulary from surrounding culture.
  4. Learn words derived from the Quran.
  5. Learn how to write 3-5 letters words
  6. learn numbers 11-20 in Arabic.
  7. learn secondary colors and shapes.

Level 2 is designed for children ages 5 through 7 years.


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