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Saturday Program 24/25

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This program is for children ages (3-12).

What & How:

The Saturday program focuses on the interaction and the socialization of students through different outdoor and indoor activities, interactive as well as an enjoyable educational program. This along with a safe and trustworthy environment to help our children build their Islamic identity.

With a student-centered approach, we strive to develop a love for reading, enriching Arabic language skills, and teach Islamic character by being a positive role model. Islamic studies will be presented through different stories and activities inspired by the Hadeeths of prophet Muhammad pubs & names of Allah swt! the Hadeeths will be inspired by the Quranic choice.

An innovative curriculum is being built and constantly reviewed to make the surah’s of the Quran to be the fundamental base of all the other aspects of the curriculum.

Our Curriculum is built to give your child a wholesome and comprehensive experience in which they learn the surah and completely live it by understanding all the aspects of science, nature, social, emotional, Islamic studies and the, Arabic language linked to it.

Last year we introduced Tafakkur to support our Muslim Explorers islam in our lives curriculum, Tafakkur is comprehensive creative curriculum to build the child’s creative and moral character.

  • To learn more about their curriculum, click here.

Along with our innovative approaches, & hands-on curriculum, we have teachers who does 101 Nooranieh enrichment with our students.



Classes and ages:

1. Pre-k  – Caterpillars ( 3,4 year olds) – must be potty-trained.

2. Pre-k – Cocoons (4,5 yer olds)

3. Kindergarten- Butterflies (5,6 year olds)

4. 1st grade – Busy Bees (6,7)

5. 2nd grade – Splendid Stars (7,8)

6. 3rd grade –  Happy Horses (8,9)

7. 4th grade – Young Explorers (9,10)

8. 5th grade & 6th – Youth Explores (11-12)



Every Saturday from 10  am to 3 pm.

School start 9/14/24

and ends 5/24/2025

37 weeks in total – 4 weeks break between Thanksgiving, Winter break, & spring break that incudes Ramadan & Eid.


Click on the calendar here.


Tuition cost:



$150 monthly per student per month  for all new parents

  • Financial aid is available to limited families
  • Friends of the program & teachers  ( who have been with us for at least 1 year) will be $130 per month per student.

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