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Muslim Explores Arabic Workbook Level 1 Package


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In this level children will:

  • Recognize & learn all Arabic alphabet shapes and sounds
  • Learn selected important words.
  • Learn vocabulary from surrounded culture
  • Learn & memorize sight words.


A revised version of this book is available with a coil-bound option!!
Learn Arabic, to live and understand the Quran. Welcome to the Muslim Explorers level 1, part 1 workbook. This book is designed for non native Arabic speaking children, to connect them to the language of the Quran, Arabic.
In this level they will learn:
  1. Recognize and learn all Arabic alphabet shapes and sounds in their singular format.
  2. learn selected important words.
  3. learn vocabulary from surrounding culture.
  4. learn & memorize sight words.
  5. learn numbers 1-10 in Arabic.
  6. learn basic shapes & colors in Arabic.

Level 1 is designed for children ages 3 through 5 years. Each child must finish two years in each level before moving to the second level. Each letter will take two weeks of comprehensive activities, worksheets and projects.


The Package includes two books. Each book has 350 pages of comprehensive and hands-on singular format Arabic activities. 
Book 1 covers letters Alif -Sheen.
Book 2 covers letters S’ad through Ya.
A child will need to use both books to be able to finish all the letters.
Each letter has 20 activities.

3 reviews for Muslim Explores Arabic Workbook Level 1 Package

  1. Atlanta Mom

    This workbook is exactly what I was looking for my preschooler. All I could find was tracing books on several website. But these workbooks aimed learning arabic super fun. And as a non-arabic mother this book was easy to teach. The workbook also had translation as well as transliteration to help. Thanks for making such a great book as well as delivering into right packaging.

    • Iman Hasan

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the book! May Allah make the journey of learning Arabic is easy and blessed for all our children.


  2. Alaa Minkara (verified owner)

    Amazing amazing!! Very thoughtful and well done. A book that isn’t just regular activities that U always see online. Innovative way to teach kids abt the letters, pronunciation and writing of letters! I am in LOVE with these books! Pair them with the sensory bag and ur golden for teaching ur small child all that is to know about the alphabet. Highly recommend it! Order it and it won’t disappoint! I will be taking this curriculum to our local Islamic school to see if they would be interested in implementing this for our pre K and KG Classes!!

  3. Rasha AlSharif

    اعجبت بهذه الكتب عند الاطلاع عليها، كام ومعلمة بخبرة طويلة استطعت أن ارى مواطن القوة والمجهود الكبير الذي بذل لاعداد هذا المنهج بطريقة احترافية لجعله جدا للاطفال . و رغم ذلك وعند بدء العمل على المنهج مع طفلي وباستخدام الوسائل الحسية التي يمكنكم شرائها من الموقع ، تفاجأت كيف أنه استمتع وتعلم الأحرف بسرعة . نحتاج كأمهات في بلاد المغترب الى الوسائل اللاتقليدية في تعليم العربية، وشراء هدا المنهج ستكون خطوتكم الأولى على هذا الطريق!!

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