Muslim Explorers

Parents Corner

Year of 2022/2023

Asalam Alikim Muslim Explorer Parents,

We would like to warmly welcome all of you to the 2022/2023 Muslim Explorers Program at IHSAN! We are so excited to have all of you as part of our program this year.

The purpose of the PTA is to support the staff, parents, and most importantly our students.

We have been busy exploring programs, events, field trips and opportunities aimed at enhancing the educational environment for our students this year.

We also plan to provide several field trips, festivities, events and family friendly activities within the program to enrich a culture of friendship and belonging to the masjid at Ihsan.

We cannot do this without you! In order to be successful, IHSAN needs the support and involvement of our families, staff, and community business leaders.

By volunteering your time or by helping to provide requested supplies/materials for our children’s classroom. Another way to show your support is to participate in the many events and programs that we are planning for the year. By participating, you are directly influencing your child’s life and educational experience. Whatever level of participation you select, your time and involvement will certainly be appreciated.

Below is a list of potential  Field Trips/ Activity dates that are planned till the end if year:

  • iSpace
  • Fall Festival at al Fawaress Farm
  • Perfect North family trip
  • Exclusive Ramadan program
  • Ramadan Around the world Festival
  • Eid Celebration
  • Family Picnic
  • Winter Fundraiser 
  • Graduation/end of year party


We are looking for a committed PTA leader, if you think you have what it takes to lead that role, please contact Iman Hasan.


We hope that you will provide us with your feedback regarding PTA efforts or suggestions for other potential PTA initiatives. We look forward to working with you and having a productive school year inshallah.


PTA Team

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