Muslim Explorers

Saturday Program

The Muslim Explorers goal is to nurture holistic confident American Muslims who are connected to Allah (swt) through his words, the Quran. And, the teachings of prophet Muhammad pbuh.

The Saturday program focuses on the interaction and the socialization of students through different outdoor and indoor activities, interactive as well as an enjoyable educational program. This along with a safe and trustworthy environment to help our children build their Islamic identity.

With a student-centered approach, we strive to develop a love for reading, enriching Arabic language skills, and teach Islamic character by being a positive role model. Islamic studies will be presented through different stories and activities inspired by the Hadeeths of prophet Muhammad pubs. the Hadeeths will be inspired by the Quranic choice.

An innovative curriculum is being built and constantly reviewed to make the surah’s of the Quran to be the fundamental base of all the other aspects of the curriculum. Our Curriculum is built to give your child a wholesome and comprehensive experience in which they learn the surah and completely live it by understanding all the aspects of science, nature, social, emotional, Islamic studies and the, Arabic language linked to it.


This year we are partnering with Taffakur ( read about them here (مركز-التفكر/)

We believe integrating Tafakkur with our curriculum will be an amazing enrichment experience for our children.

Tafakkur will be given twice a week – In person 45 minute session during Saturday and another online session during the week! More details to follow.

We will also continue with our Nooranieh in person enrichment program during Saturday iA..

This year, our level 2 Arabic will be out along with our level 1 textbook, level 3 Quran visuals booklet and level 3 Arabic prototype will be out as well!

Summer Camps

Our summer camp this time is different, we will help our kids get a deeper and better understanding for the pillars of Islam or Iman depending on the week they attend. Each day will focus on one pillar through different activities and discussions depending on their age group.

The camp will be from 10:00am – 3:00 pm

For additional hours click here

Dates: June 10-14   (Pillars if  Islam)
And/ OR

July 1-5  (Pillars of Iman)

Cost: $199/ child  (Sign up before May 20 and get 7% discount)
Discount code: March

Hijab Tea Party

Fall in love with being a super Muslimah & unleash your inner beauty!!

Take the girls through a journey to learn & love the idea of the Hijab through different interactive sessions, stories and games! They can decorate their own hijabs… play trivia with girls their age.. enjoy a storyline/ age appropriate Halaqa, an exclusive fashion show by Amelena Designs..Henna, face paint .. yummy food and treats .. and, a special story time with the one and only Nafisah Abdul-Rahim!

The girls will get to enjoy some treats, cupcakes in a fun tea-party environment, socializing, connecting, and to build sisterhood bonds with other Muslim girls.

It’s a drop off event – Parents are NOT allowed! ( unless if you want to volunteer).

Make sure you fill out the form below, for better communication with the parents.