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Arabic Sensory Bag


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The sensory bag includes the following: Tempera paint sticks, Q-tips, Pom-poms, A small car, Wiki sticks and Small Wood Blocks

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The Arabic sensory bag is here to elevate your child’s Arabic learning experience by providing sensory materials that works perfectly with the Muslim Exploerers Level 1 Arabic workbook.

The sensory bag includes the following:

  • Tempera paint sticks: Color on the letter following the arrow. ( an example in the picture)
  • Q-tips: Ask your child to put some paint on the Q-tip, follow the arrow and paint the dots.
  • Pom-poms: With the glue (included in the bag), ask your child to glue the pom-poms on the circles that form the letter of the week. Make sure you let it dry off before closing your book.
  • A small car: To help learn the direction of where the letter starts and ends, ask your child to use the car and to pretend that each letter is a different shaped road. Ask your child to ride the car along the lines of the road.
  • Wiki sticks: Ask your child to form the letter with the wiki sticks.
  • Small Wood Blocks: Ask your child to build the letter with the small wooden blocks.



You can add to the experience by purchasing the flashcards and the poster as well!

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  1. Alaa Minkara (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Match it with a workbook and it’s the best gift u can give to a bright young learner! Good quality and as expected from the ihsan team.

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