What we do

Our Vision

To Explore the love of Allah (swt) through learning and understanding.

This initiative aims to bring one-of-a-kind experience to your household. We want to help your child connect to Allah (swt) through His words in the Qur’an, and through the teachings of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Who is in our community?

We are a team of professional mothers, designers, educators, researchers and people of Ilm who came together to provide this service. We offer this service to the muslim children of our community in an effort for them to understand the Quran for it to be a guidance compass in their lives. 


How do we implement the mission?

By designing an in house service ( the Saturday program), a platform of events, and design & create our own, curricula, books and materials that will help educate our muslim children in the community about their faith.

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Years of Experience
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Happy Students
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Our Benefits

Social & Fun

Every Year we make sure our children are being part of different events that connect to the curriculum and their environment. A fall, winter and ramadan festival are planned every year with tons of fun activities for the child and their families.

Our Safety Rules

We want to make sure our students feel positively connected to others, respected, that their work is meaningful, and that they are good at what they do. its a no judgment zone and all children must be treated with respect and manners. All children are equal.

Caring Staff

We work hard to hire caring staff and teachers to join our team! our staff must have passion to this field, must understand the vision of Ihsan’s Muslim Explorers and must be responsible and aware of the environment.

Qualified Teachers

We aim at hiring teachers that have experience in the education field. We also train our teachers in different areas to ensure an excellent treatment to the parents and their children.

Our Curriculum

The Muslim Explorers curriculum takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach that helps your child connect to the Qur’an in the following content areas: Tafsir, Hadeeth, Islamic & Social studies (practical look at Islam in our lives) , Arabic and hands on projects that includes science, art, geography and more.

Our Philosophy:

Happy Children and Happy Parents
Our children will enjoy a program in a credible, creative,and pleasant atmosphere which will drive a positive-peer influence, as well as help them belong to their Islamic integrity.
Our Goal

Our Mission

The Muslim Explorers goal is nurture holistic confident American Muslims who are connected to Allah swt through his words, the Qur’an and the teachings of our Prophet and for our children to be a walking Mus’haf wherever they go.

We aim and strive to integrate social and emotional learning into our classrooms. We plan indoor and outdoor events for your children to help build a communiy of young Muslims who develop friendships that last a life time and belong to their local masjid.