Muslim Explorers

Our Curriculum

The Muslim Explorers curriculum takes a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach that helps your child connect to the Qur’an and sunnah in the following content areas: Quran, Hadeeth, Islamic & Social, Studies, Arabic and STEAM projects. Your child will be able to read the Quran, analyze its meanings, understands it, act upon what they learned and become a role-model.
Please note that we are supplementing with Sanabel Arabic curriculum and Safar Islamic studies where needed. 

What does our curriculum include?

The Muslim Explorers curriculum is three levels. Each level will have 1 workbook, and 1 textbook. Books will be accompanied by Quran visual cards, Arabic flashcards, sensory bags for children ages (3-5) and alphabet posters & stickers.

Each level will have:


    • Visualized Surahs ( each level has a booklet with different surahs/chapter in them, each chapter contains verses, the verses are designed with age appropriate visuals, pictures & illustrations).
    • Tafsir of the Surah – with age appropriate language to be given to the teacher/mother to teach her child.
    • Hadith: The child learns Hadith’s related to the Surah and the Islam in our lives section. The Hadith’s are carefully selected to encompass the practical & relevant  teachings of prophet Mohammad buh.
    • Names of Allah swt – we carefully pick the names of Allah swt that are related to the general theme of the lesson that supports the surah,  the Hadith and the rest of the curriculum domains.
    • Islam in our lives studies:  a creative interpretation of emerging islamic, social, & emotional studies together. From learning the pillars of Islam to learning how to be resilient and kind. 
    • STEAM, Hands-on activity and or/ a project related to the Surah.
    • Arabic lesson: We designed our own comprehensive Arabic workbooks that is age appropriate.



Islamic Social Studies


Steam Projects

What did we publish so far?

  • Level 1-level 3 of Quran Visuals Booklets
  • Level 1 & Level 2 of the Arabic workbooks
  • YouTube channel with 15 Arabic letters videos produced by Shams Media ( Ihsan Muslim Explorers), check out our YouTube channel here.


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Our Teaching Method

We are inspired by our children, they give us a sense of direction one the teaching method and style we use. We focus on learning through Play and learn through interactive activities. We focus on creating visuals that help translate our ideas the best way possible. We believe in the power of design and how our eyes are attracted immediately to shape, color, composition and text. We believe that play is an essential strategy of learning. To learn more about Learn Through Play strategies, click here.